Dallas PUA and Pick Up Bar Guide

 Dallas PUA and Pick Up Bar GuideDallas IS the most underrated city in the country for picking up girls. No doubt in my mind. So if you’re visiting town or just a local Dallas PUA this guide will help you to get for feet wet.

 Understand: Dallas is a big city with a very concentrated nightlife, so you’ll always have a venue to work. However, this town centers more on bars and lounges than night clubs, so you’re going to be running slightly different game. With that, looking sharp (or at least dressing with a purpose) is a requisite in Dallas. The girls never head out without doing themselves up, and that goes for most guys as well. Also, it may be called Big-D, but it’s not a city where you can go out every single night like in other metropolitan centers.


 Dallas PUA Venues 

As many Dallas Lair guys probably know already, Dallas nightlife is stacked in three sections, with Deep Ellum to the east of them all.


Head to Uptown for the night and you’ll have more than enough sets to open. If you’re looking for decent girls and lots of sets for practice, check out Prime Bar, Kung-Fu Saloon or The Den. All of these places have outdoor areas, mingling areas and dance floors. This makes them ideal for guys practicing because you can move girls between different spots for different energies.

If you’re a Dallas PUA who is more into the Lounge scene, Sfuzzi and The Standard Pour are good spots, but you can’t last all night. Expect women here who are more in their mid to late 20s, and older. The venues aren’t as loud as others too.

For the club guys out there, Uptown manages to squeeze a couple of spots in, namely Avenu and Glass. Avenu will be packed by the end of the night (and is a good Thursday spot), but if you really want to do it right get a crew together and buy tables. It’s tough without them. Glass has been hit or miss throughout 2012, but it’s a nice venue, has more room than most and doesn’t absolutely require a table for a good night. There is also the shit-show known as Teddy’s. A pretty young crowd, very loud and quite packed, this venue will let you in but you’ll want a table. Hotel Zaza can be a cougar crowd.

Day Game PUA26 Dallas PUA and Pick Up Bar Guide


Knox-Henderson has plenty of venues, but they aren’t the best Dallas pick up bars. What you’ll really want to check out are the clubs. The locals love Rio Room, which is a booming club. You can get away without buying a table and you’ll see some of the nicest girls in town. It can be very dark inside too, so don’t be fooled. For a older, more sophisticated crowd, cross the 75 and hit Candle Room. This won’t be the easiest venue to get into, but it can be very fruitful. Tables help, but if you can get past the door with out one consider it a win. Dress to impress here and expect to pay a little more for drinks. It’s a smaller venue, so bring your A-game so you don’t burn out of sets after making the trip.

Downtown/Deep Ellum

I’m going to throw these in here even though they will likely be your last choice for a night out. Downtown venues tend to attract a trashier/crazier crowd, but you may find a club to hit up mid-week just for practice like Plush on Wednesdays or Mantus on Sundays (where you may catch some of the industry crowd). If you live downtown it will be a great excuse to check out these venues.Deep Ellum hosts live concert venues. I’ve been to a show at Tree before and it was a good time. Girls here are a lot more open to talking, just don’t expect them to be wearing 4-inch heels and war paint. If you’re into the alternative scene you may like to pop into Elbow Room for a beer or two to start your night.


Dallas Day Game and Dates

Day Game

Straight up, go to North Park Mall. That’s all any Dallas PUA needs to know. It’s just about the only place you’ll get enough consistent sets on a weekend (and about the only place you can escape the heat). A second choice may be the Galleria Mall but it’s hit or miss. You may be in luck if you hit the right happy hour or brunch in Uptown.


Big-D isn’t too bad for dates. The obvious choice is an Uptown bar for drinks, but if you want a little flavor try the Cedar Social just south of downtown on a Tuesday. Best gourmet tacos ever, and they know how to mix a good drink. Of course, the Stars and Mavs are close-by at American Airlines too.

If you live in Uptown, where all the young crowd is, your building will likely have a pool. Use it to your advantage and invite girls to pool parties. It’s too easy and you don’t have to be a Dallas PUA to figure out how it works.



Dallas Pick Up – Bar Tips

Here is some insider knowledge:

  • Don’t set up formal dates in Uptown if you have options. The area is so condensed that you can go out on the weekend and “run into” a girl you’re seeing by the end of the night if you want. Chances are that they are doing the same with another guy. It’s just a young person’s area full of singles.
  • Live within walking distance of the action. Dallas is highly affordable. Host pre-drinks and after-parties. Make pulling easy.
  • There is a Dallas PUA Lair you may want to check out. Lairs are always interesting so use your judgment.
  • Dress different, but dress sharp. Don’t be some “peacocking” weirdo, but realize that many guys in Dallas dress conservative, comb over their hair and don’t take risks with style. Girls work hard on theirs, so stand out a little with yours.
  • Don’t be intimidated by “30k millionaires” in Dallas. (Guys who make average salary that party like ballers on the weekend.) Dallas is a very affordable–yet fancy in spots–city to live, so though these guys may looks like ballers don’t feel like you’re any less than them. The nightlife scene in ANY city is a thin facade. Money never hurts when meeting girls but the true ballers likely aren’t going out on Thursday night to a bar with college kids.

How to Step Up Your Game

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Day Game PUA26 Dallas PUA and Pick Up Bar Guide